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Congress Caps Amtrak Worker Earnings
From IAM District 19:
Congress has passed the 2012 fiscal year Appropriations legislation for Amtrak. In this legislation Congress place a restriction of the Amtrak employee’s earnings. They have restricted the overtime earnings of the employees to 35k per year.

Thirty five thousand may seem like a lot. However, the fact that Congress is now involved in how much an employee can make is devastating. This could just be the tip of the ice berg. This is another action by Congress that shows they have no respect for the Union workers and their contracts. The Republican Congress has an agenda; that agenda is eliminate all Unions and the right to collective bargaining. It also, shows that they in no way are concerned with or care about the middle class. Although Congress won’t admit it, the middle class supports this country.

The point here is that Congress has extreme power. This is one thing Congress can do to us if we put our Agreement in their hands. Believe me, if it goes to Congress; the Carriers will be lobbing for this also. Our Agreement in the hands of Congress is a very uncertain and scary situation.

Please review the contract, keep in mind what Congress can do and have demonstrated. To those who haven’t voted yet, we again encourage ratifying this Agreement. We ask that every eligible member vote; it is your contract and your lively hood.

Joe R. Duncan, PDG

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Last modified: 11/2/2012

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