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Democrats in Danger
On November 6, 2012, millions of Americans will journey to a nearby library, school, or other polling place armed with a constitutional right granted to them by those who've come before - the right to vote. They will cast ballots that will change the course of American History.

Most prominent is the highly-funded, highly-publicized presidential election between Democratic President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Many of those voters will also decide the race to control the U.S. Senate. At stake is a current Democratic 51-47 seat majority (two seats are currently held by independents). A four-seat shift to the right would mean a GOP majority and Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) as Senate Majority Leader.

That notion, coupled with an already Republican-controlled House of Representatives and a Republican president, would make for a corporate coup d'état - a complete government takeover by far-right corporate interests, says IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger.

"For our jobs and our families, we cannot afford to sit out this fight," said Buffenbarger. "On November 7, we could wake up to find Mitt Romney is the next President of the United States. John Roberts swings hard right as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Mitch McConnell becomes Senate Majority Leader with fifty-two votes. John Boehner, as Speaker of the House, can count on 245 GOP votes. And Republican governors hold power in 32 states.

"'Of the people, by the people, and for the people' goes up in smoke. Far fetched? Not at all. Are we - the Fighting Machinists - really going to sit home and twiddle our thumbs while corporate money conquers the country?" said Buffenbarger.

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Last modified: 11/2/2012

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